Gairal Forest Rest House - Dhikala Zone

Gairal Forest Lodge offers tourists one of the best places to enjoy the wildlife and get through the natural climes of Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve. Gairal Forest Lodge is located around 20kms. fromDhangari, and quite close to the banks of Ramganga river. Tourists will have to pass through the Corbett Museum and Sultan Lodge. Gairal Forest Lodge is surrounded with amazing nature creations which make tourists get attracted towards it. The shallow mountain streams and rivulets pass through dense forests and enrich the wildlife as well as fauna of Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve. Whether it is day or night, you can enjoy your stay in the Gairal Forest Lodge and give a totally different meaning.

Night is the time of enjoying the talks and sharing days experience at the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve. The Gairal Forest Lodge is a protective area which has been provided with complete protection from all sides. The solar fence surrounding the lodge will keeps the wild animals away and they will not make the entry into the compound of Gairal Forest Lodge by any means.

Besides adventure, Gairal Forest Lodge also is also the place which often brings to the tourists lot of fun and excitement. It is this fun and excitement which connects tourists from different ethnic cultural set ups. Tourists can also indulge in learning local food recipes. The best thing is that you can learn about the local recipes from the local inhabitants inside Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve. This indeed seems to be exciting and makes the stay just like your home and enjoying every bit of it.

The dining hall of Gairal forest rest house is just great to explore as it is where you will explore through some of ethnic and outstanding Indian dishes.While staying at Gairal Forest Lodge, you will also have the opportunity to catch the sight of tigers and elephants, besides other animals. Do not miss to take the glimpse of gharials and muggars at crocodile pool.

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